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Waiting for Eli by Chad Judice

Waiting for Eli by Chad Judice

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A Father's Journey from Fear to Faith is a book about a Lafayette, La. couple and their infant son Eli, who was born with a dreaded birth defect called spina bifida. It is an inspiring story of faith, hope and the power of prayer.

The author is Chad Judice, a teacher at St. Thomas More High School in Lafayette. His wife Ashley is a Registered Nurse.

Chad once said his greatest fear would be to have a baby who was born with a mental or physical handicap. He didnäó»t think he would have the strength to handle the challenges that come with the birth of such a child. And then it happened. His son was born in 2009 with spina bifida. This condition is accompanied by numerous medical challenges äóñ including the possibility that the child may never be able to walk äóñ and requires several surgeries.

Still, the birth of Eli Judice has been a great blessing äóñ a gift from God äóñ and has called Chad, Ashley and those around them to fervent prayer and trust in God.

The book takes us through an emotional roller coaster ride äóñ from the day Chad first learned of his sonäó»s medical conditionäó_ to anxious times spent in waiting rooms while his son underwent surgeryäó_ to the day he got to hold Eli in his arms for the first time.

This moving story has a strong pro-life, pro-love message, and is made even more compelling by Chadäó»s descriptions of little miracles along the way.