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Sleeping St Joseph-2 Sizes

$ 45.00

St. Joseph is the careful and tender guardian of the family, the man, who welcomes and guards the mysteries of God, as he has consciously chosen to accept and protect Mary, the woman that God willed to be the holy and immaculate mother of his only Son . Joseph is the archetype of the Christian bishop, father and protector of the Church and all men and women who make it up.

Write your prayer request out each evening and place under the Sleeping St. Joseph figure. While you sleep, St. Joseph will intercede for you to our Heavenly Father for your needs. "I have great love for Saint Joseph, because he is a man of silence and strength. On my table I have an image of Saint Joseph sleeping. Even when he is asleep, he is taking care of the Church!” - Pope Francis

This very popular statue of St Joseph sleeping was meticulously hand painted by a group of widows that have lost their husbands due to the violence occurring in Columbia.

Hand Painted 

Comes with Litany of St Joseph Card pictured