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2022 Diocese of Lafayette Pro-Life T-shirts
2022 Diocese of Lafayette Pro-Life T-shirts

Loved as I Am: An Invitation to Conversion, Healing, and Freedom Through Jesus-Sr. Miriam James Heidland

$ 12.95
"In Loved as I Am, Sr. Miriam James has blessed the Church with her powerful testimony of the victory of faith, hope, and love over the doubt, despair, and lust that cast their shadow over so many souls. Her inspiring and authentic witness is proof that God wants to write his own powerful story of redemption in each of our lives." --Jason Evert, Author of Theology of the Body for Teens

"Loved as I Am is Sr. Miriam's heartfelt testimony of her journey to healing and wholeness in Christ. This book will speak to anyone who is searching for meaning in their own lives." --Rev. Bryce Sibley, Pastor and Chaplain, Our Lady of Wisdom Church and Catholic Student Center, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

"Sr. Miriam is an authentic witness of Jesus' irresistible love. With vulnerability, honesty, and beauty, she invites each of us to experience the Lord's astonishing love--just as we are. Be prepared for a life-changing encounter." --Bob Schuchts, Author of Be Healed

"By weaving together the truths of the Theology of the Body and her personal journey, Sr. Miriam offers an inspiring testimony of God's loving power to heal and restore our deepest hurts. The beauty of her vulnerability opens a door of hope that if walked through will lead to new life." --Jake and Heather Khym, Life Restoration, Inc.

"I am convinced this little book will change many lives. The rare combination of inspiring witness, relevant scriptural reflection, and razor-sharp commentary offers powerful insights and lingering hope. Like watching a beautiful sunset, you may race through this book and then not want to finish it!" --Brian Butler, Dumb Ox Ministries