Job's tears Papal Auto Rosary


Job's tears Papal Auto Rosary

Job's tears Papal Auto Rosary


$ 10.00 

ξJob's Tears is a tall, roadside, wild grass common in Louisiana that produces nature's most perfect beads. It's seed is naturally polished and has a hole through it, exactly like a bead. The name Job's Tears refers to the droplet-shaped, ~beads~ and to the biblical man ~Job~ of the Old Testament who endured great suffering. It is agreed that the beads resemble tears, but there is some disagreement as to exactly whose tears the beads resemble. Depending on where you are in the world, this plant goes by various names including ~David's tears,~ ~St. Mary's tears,~ ~Christ's tears~ and just ~Plain tears~ drops. The dried, gray beads are strung into rosaries and rosary bracelets and of course this auto rosary.

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