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15 to 28 A Story of God's Love, Power and Redemption: Matt Deggs

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Coach Matt Deggs thought he had it all...

Widely regarded as one of the top assistant coaches in college baseball, he was seemingly on a fast-track to elite head coaching stardom.

Behind this confident facade was a selfish, broken man with an alcohol addiction. Eventually, it all caught up to him and Coach Deggs hit rock bottom. He was removed from the game that he loved and nearly lost his family.

After spending 430 days outside the game, Coach Deggs’ life was brought full circle when he was offered a second chance as an assistant baseball coach.

This second chance would become a major turning point in his life, and eventually, Coach Deggs would quit drinking, regain the trust and support of his family, and most importantly, re-commit his life to Christ.

From this point on, Coach Deggs’ mission shifted from being a transactional coach, concerned only with W’s and L’s, to a transformational coach, whose focus lies in developing men and impacting others.