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Discover Unique Religious Gifts & Keepsakes at Acadian Religious!
Discover Unique Religious Gifts & Keepsakes at Acadian Religious!

Key Terms-What does it mean when I see...

We want to first alert you to what you see when you look at rosaries and the medals and crosses.  In order to show detail we have removed the chains and the full view of the rosaries, this way you can better see the quality of each piece. You will get a full rosary and a chain will be attached to the medals and crosses.

Sterling silver: (also known as standard silver) is what jewelry and silverware are traditionally made from, which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.  That is why you sometimes see .925 stamped on your jewelry.  In the U.S., only a minimum of 92.5% fine silver can be marketed as “silver"

Silver-plated: affordable and offer the beauty of silver in a unique way. Silver-plated jewelry is made of a base metal, and authentic silver is added to the surface. To plate an item with silver, the object is electrically charged to attract silver particles. Silver-plated items have the shine and luster of natural silver, are durable and available in a range of prices.

Oxidized silver: created through a process of controlled oxidation, where the silver is exposed to the environmental factors that cause tarnish. Oxidized silver requires less maintenance than sterling, and further tarnish simply makes the silver more beautiful.

Pewter: an alloy made of tin, bismuth, antimony, and sometimes copper or silver. All of our pewter is 100% lead free, also pewter softens to a very light gray patina.

Gold over Silver: This is a very similar process to silver-plate with the difference being an 18kt. gold plating over a sterling silver medal or cross.

4 Way medal: Often referred to as a scapular medal that may be because the top image or medal is a scapular medal, the medal at the bottom is a miraculous medal the medal on the right is St. Christopher and the left image is St. Joseph.  This medal is available on several different items.