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The Green Scapular

$ 1.50

More like a cloth medal and less like a scapular the Green Scapular puts emphasis on Mary's Immaculate Conception. Even though it's not a traditional scapular, it still looks like one since it is made of cloth and hangs from your neck because of the woven strings.

Our Green Scapular available in English has been protected in soft flexible plastic with rounded edges and smooth heat sealed edges for comfortable wear. With the flexible plastic the Green Scapular measures 2.13 by 1.75 inches. When you order the Green Scapular you will also receive a handy pamphlet titled 'Among Mary's Gifts, The Green Scapular.' This pamphlet goes more in depth about the story and history of the Green Scapular and the devotions to the Green Scapular and Mary.